Reducing CO2

“The world is holding its breath and counting on all of us”
(UN-Generalsekretär Ban Ki Moon)

CO2 emissions must be reduced to limit climate change. All countries are in agreement about this and are working diligently toward reducing CO2 emissions.

In many countries, particularly in the subtropical regions, climate control systems are used, which are notorious for their high energy consumption. Huge amounts of energy, which are primarily produced using fossil fuels, are literally blown into the air without being used.

The results are enormous CO2 emissions and particulate air pollution due to exhaust from coal-fired power plants.

Bioheatplus is helping!

Efficient heating means saving energy and CO2 emissions.

The savings potential:

Consumption / hour Bioheatplus Climate control system
Energy consumption per hour 0,33 kW 3,5 kW
Coal consumption in power plants 0,11 kg 1,16 kg
CO2 emissions 198g CO2 2.100g CO2
Consumption / year (heating period 1440h) Bioheatplus Climate control system
Consumption / year 475 kWh 5.040 kWh
Coal consumption in power plants 156,80 kg 1.663 kg
CO2 emissions 0,285t CO2 3,024t CO2