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    Is your Ibiza home cold & damp
    during winter time?

    Well you don‘t need to suffer any longer. Since we bring the most innovative, effective, elegant and cost-conscious heating system to the island of Ibiza

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  • Infratec Ibiza
    Infratec Ibiza

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    Save heating costs – And save the environment

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    Infratec Ibiza

Infratec heats like the Sun by using the infrared range

Infratec Heizung ibiza

The principle behind Infratec is simple and can be explained best with the image of sunbathing on a glacier. Although the surrounding temperature is below 0  C, the Sun is warm. This is because of the Sun’s heat radiation. Wherever this radiation strikes, it is (partly) absorbed and converted into heat, such as when it strikes our skin.

Infrared radiation heats only those objects it strikes. Heat is transferred directly, which differs significantly from convection heating, i. e. where heating occurs through the surrounding air.

The shell of the room (walls, ceiling, floors) stores heat and radiates it back. And the climate in the room is improved because there are no cold areas or draughts. It feels like summer.

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BIOHEATPLUS - alternating magnetic fields in operation
The measurement protocol

The heater is very good according to geo and building biology criteria.
It can be installed without hesitation in bedrooms too.

Infrared waves make
it feel like summer
Natural, healthy
indoor climate
consumption costs
German patent with
innovation guarantee
2 years warranty
- TÜV GS approved
96% of the energy is used. No other heating system reaches this level.
Bioheatplus is flexible and uses only as much energy as it needs.
Energy consumption is reduced significantly after the heating phase.
Objects are heated directly, as the Sun does, using intersecting-wave heating technology so the temperature of the room can be lowered considerably.
The warm walls provide an effective buffer against the cold outside
Walls and objects in the room store the heat and radiate it back, and the room heats up quicker after it is aired out.
It can be started earlier because the ambient heat lasts longer due to heat storage.
The even heat distribution minimizes draughts in the room - you no longer have to worry about cold feet because the warm air isn’t just at the top of the room.
The heating ensures the walls stay dry and thereby reduces thermal bridges and rapid cooling due to moisture.
It's unbeatably inexpensive! Low price and easy self-installation. No expensive installed cables, no space needed for fuel, no chimney.
Maintenance-free so there are no maintenance costs. No costs for a chimney sweep or heating certifications. Water damage to the heating system is a thing of the past.

The company / About us

Innovative products need creative minds
Our company is still quite new on the market. We consistently focus on the Infratec product and its possibilities. Why? Because we are convinced by this new heating system. And because we believe that this is the best form of heating for people and the environment.

The minds
The company is new, but the minds behind it aren’t. We can offer you decades of experience in the heating and solar industry. We specialise in large and small-scale heating design. And we have specialised completely in infrared intersecting-wave technology because the energy efficiency and possibilities of this technology fascinate us.

We provide Service with a capital S.
We don’t just sell our products, we also provide advice. And we will find the best infrared heating solution for you and your property. Contact us and find out for yourself.
We are also always available for questions after installation.

Our goals
We want to conserve our environment and preserve nature for our children. These are noble words, and we stand behind them!
Everyone can contribute to a future worth experiencing. We’ve already started!


We will be pleased to provide you further information about Bioheatplus. Please send us an e-mail via our contact form.

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